Wendy Bahr Joins Converge Technology Solutions Corp. Board of Directors



TORONTO and GATINEAU, QC, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Converge Technology Solutions Corp. (“Converge” or “the Company“) (TSX: CTS)  (FSE: 0ZB) (OTCQX: CTSDF), is pleased to announce the appointment of Wendy Bahr to the Company’s Board of Directors. Wendy is a Corporate Executive with global sales experience leading direct and indirect sales channels. Prior to 2019, Wendy served as Senior Vice President at Cisco leading their global partner organization and Meraki global sales. Most recently, Wendy held the role of Chief Commercial Officer at leading cloud security organization Rubrik Inc. She also currently acts as a strategic advisor to several portfolio companies of JCVentures. Wendy will immediately join Converge’s Board as an independent Director.


“I am excited to join the Converge team as they have a robust end-to-end portfolio of solutions. Their focus on enabling successful business outcomes for their customers is delivering outstanding growth and customer success.” said Wendy Bahr. “I believe my global experience and advisory skills in transforming businesses and sales organizations will contribute to Converge as they scale and grow their services-led practices.”


“I am extremely pleased and proud to have Wendy join the Converge board,” stated Thomas Volk, Executive Chair of Converge’s Board of Directors. “Wendy’s experience at Cisco, where she was instrumental in establishing a service-oriented sales and channel partners focus, coupled with her extensive industry and market experience, will complement the board and be a great value to our company.”


“I’m thrilled to announce the addition of Wendy to the Converge board,” stated Shaun Maine, Group CEO for Converge. “I had the pleasure of working with Wendy during her SVP tenure at Cisco, where she was responsible for leading the channel and generating successful business partner outcomes. Wendy’s experience will be a major asset to the Company, and I look forward to working together to drive continued global growth for Converge.”

About Converge

Converge Technology Solutions Corp. is a software-enabled IT & Cloud Solutions provider focused on delivering industry-leading solutions and services. Converge’s regional sales and services organizations deliver advanced analytics, cloud, and cybersecurity offerings to clients across various industries. The Company supports these solutions with managed services, digital infrastructure, and talent expertise offerings across all major IT vendors in the marketplace. This multi-faceted approach enables Converge to address the unique business and technology requirements for all clients in the public and private sectors. For more information, visit convergetp.com.

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