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At Oceanology International 24 (Oi24), Valeport will showcase for the first time the new optical sensor, Hyperion Crude Oil, which delivers high performance measurements of hydrocarbons to depths of 6,000m.

Also featuring on the stand, is the Bathy2, an evolution in the collection of bathymetric data; the SWiFT Deep CTD, designed for those requiring CTD measurements to 6,000m; alongside further recent product releases designed with ease of use at their core, where a much improved user experience is now available alongside the highest quality, precise data, says Valeport.

Hyperion Crude Oil – The new addition to the Hyperion range of optical sensors helps users detect concentrations of hydrocarbons in water more effectively. Offered as standard in a 6,000m depth rated, titanium housing, data output up to 32Hz and low power requirements ensure this sensor can be placed in situ for an extended period with easy access to highly accurate data. Compact and robust, the Hyperion Crude Oil is ideal as a standalone sensor for ROV/AUV integration or as part of a multi-sensor array.

SWiFT Deep CTD – The new SWiFT Deep CTD provides survey-grade sensor technology, coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth® wireless technology, rechargeable battery and an integral GNSS module to geo-locate each profile. Using Valeport’s high accuracy sensor technology to combine sensors for multiple profiles in a single drop the SWiFT Deep CTD can operate to 6,000m, delivering directly measured conductivity, temperature and depth. In addition, the SWiFT Deep CTD will provide computed salinity, density and sound velocity, calculated using the UNESCO international standard algorithm and Chen and Millero equation.

Bathy2 – This integrated sensor suite is designed to meet customer bathymetric requirements for a reliable, accurate and robust instrument with more functionality to suit specific operations up to 6,000m depth. An enhancement of the popular Midas BathyPack, the Bathy2 uses state-of-the-art sensors to generate sound velocity and density profiles for precision depth and height data. This evolution brings together the benefits of density corrected output directly from one instrument, alongside the flexibility of third party pressure sensor input and Valeport interchangeable pressure modules to allow users enhanced accuracy at different depths.

minilPS2 – The smart miniIPS2 underwater pressure sensor with accuracy to 0.01%, offers a cost-effective solution for vehicle pilots who require highly accurate depth information in real-time. The unique interchangeable pressure module allows the user to quickly and easily change the pressure transducers whilst in the field, to maximise operational specific depth requirements.

uvSVX – The compact uvSVX is designed for underwater vehicles where space is at a premium, delivers calculated salinity and density data, along with sound velocity as standard. Like the miniIPS2 it also features field-swappable sensor heads, has a depth rating of 6,000m and delivers 0.01% accuracy.  The interchangeable pressure transducer, with integral calibration is easily changed in a couple of minutes without opening the instrument, and is available in 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600 bar variants.

Valeport will be exhibiting at stand K301 at Oceanology International 24.


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