Friends of Madison Public Library hold Dinner in the Stacks fundraiser – News-Herald


Guests eat pasta and meatballs with other side dishes during Dinner in the Stacks on March 23 at Madison Public Library in Madison Township. The fundraising event is organized and conducted every year by Friends of the Madison Public Library. (Bill DeBus – The News-Herald)

Madison Public Library often provides its patrons with food for thought with books, reference materials and other informative resources.

On the evening of March 23, however, the library served up traditional food to visitors, who were able to eat their meals at tables typically used for reading, study and research.

The Friends of Madison Public Library held its annual Dinner in the Stacks at the library, which is located at 6111 Middle Ridge Road in Madison Township.

Nancy Gottron, right, wearing black uniform, adds sauce to a guest’s pasta during Dinner in the Stacks on March 23 at Madison Public Library in Madison Township. Gottron, who is the owner of UpScale Eats catering, provides and serves food at the annual event. She was assisted at the serving station by Janet Popieski, far left, who is an employee in the library’s circulation department. Dinner in the Stacks is an annual fundraiser conducted by Friends of Madison Public Library. (Bill DeBus – The News-Herald)

Guests who purchased tickets for the fundraising event enjoyed an all-you-can eat pasta and meatball dinner with salad, rolls and beverage. Food was provided and served by UpScale Eats, a catering business owned by library patron Nancy Gottron.

Homemade desserts prepared by Friends of the Library members also were available for an extra charge.

After guests visited several serving stations to get their food and drinks, they sat down for dinner at tables throughout the library.

Nia Covington provides music during Dinner in the Stacks on March 23 at Madison Public Library. The annual event, which also features an all-you-can eat pasta meal and raffle baskets containing a variety of prizes, is a fundraiser conducted by Friends of Madison Public Library. (Bill DeBus – The News-Herald)

Music was performed throughout the meal by vocalist Nia Covington.

Library Director Dee Culbertson said she appreciates the Friends for organizing and conducting this yearly event.

“We enjoy seeing families come out for dinner and feel like they’re doing something a just little naughty by having red sauce so near the books,” Culbertson said.

One of the guests who attended Dinner in the Stacks was Michelle Dreyer of Madison Township.

“The library is important to the community, so we want to do our part to support the library,” she said.

Dreyer added that the event offers some delicious food.

“The sauce is excellent, the salads are excellent and there are lots of great homemade desserts,” she said.

Nancy Mantey of Madison Village said Dinner in the Stacks is an event she looks forward to every year.

“It’s a fundraiser that helps the library, plus there’s great prizes and raffle baskets,” she said.

Some of the baskets that were raffled off featured prizes such as gardening supplies; an overnight stay and breakfast at Hampton Inn of Madison Village; an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker with a cookbook; and a Pink Flamingo tote bag filled with items such as a flamingo beverage pail; a beach towel and a bottle of Barefoot Pink Moscato wine.

Guests also could enter a 50/50 raffle.

For people who didn’t want to eat their meals in the library, takeout and drive-through service was provided during Dinner in the Stacks.

The event’s name incorporates the term “stack,” which refers to shelves in a library where books are stored.

Friends of Madison Public Library held its first fundraising dinner in 2010 at Wagon Wheel Bar and Grill in Madison Township.

“We did another at Wagon Wheel in 2011, and in 2012, Cebar’s Madison Tavern offered their party room,” said Carrie Svigel, president of Friends of Madison Public Library.

With more than 100 people attending each of those first three events, the Friends concluded that they would need a venue with more space for its fundraising dinner, Svigel said.

“So in 2013, the Friends and then-Library Director Nancy Currie thought it would be fun to hold the event in the library and call it Dinner in the Stacks, and add local musicians for entertainment,” Svigel said.

When Culbertson took over as library director, she also embraced the idea of Dinner in the Stacks.

Since 2013, the Friends have presented Dinner in the Stacks in March of every year except in 2020 and 2021. That’s when complications and risks arising from the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of many community events.

Money raised through Dinner in the Stacks helps to provide funding for the delivery of books and other materials to those who are homebound; children’s and young adult activities; various library programs and equipment; and two $500 scholarships for Madison High School seniors.


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