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2023 proved to be a blockbuster year for games. While big AAA titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Hogwarts Legacy topped the charts worldwide, there’s one game in particular that emerged seemingly out of nowhere and became everyone’s favourite. We are talking about the Suika game, also known as the Watermelon game, which has over 4.4 million downloads since its release in October. The goofy puzzle game has taken the internet by storm, thanks to streamers and Vtubers worldwide. In fact, this little game has become one of Nintendo’s most downloaded games this year. It makes us wonder how a puzzle game that many people hadn’t heard of until recently managed to shatter records in such a short time when every big-ticket game is battling for everyone’s attention in a crowded release calendar. Here’s everything you need to know about the Suika game, which initially came out in Japan and became an international sensation.

It’s a simple, straightforward single-player falling puzzle game but can be seriously difficult to fully complete. Think of Suika as similar to other popular puzzle games like “2048” and “Tetris,” and the game involves some physics. As a player, you have to combine similar fruits to make bigger fruits, the largest of which is a watermelon. Getting the best possible score is the main goal. The game starts with an empty box, where players need to drop fruits. When two similar fruits touch, they turn into a bigger fruit. The game keeps going until all the fruits fill up the top of the box, and then you have to start all over again. The tough part is when the fruits don’t stack up on each other. Suika is highly addictive, perhaps the reason for its virality.

Suika is a single-player falling puzzle game (Image credit: Nintendo)

Who is behind the Suika game?

The concept of the Suika game isn’t original. In fact, it was a Chinese developer who came up with the idea behind the Suika game with a free mini online game, Synthetic Big Watermelon. However, the game wasn’t as addictive as Suika. Still, Big Watermelon got the attention of a Japanese company Aladdin X, which released a digital projector a few years ago and included the adorable Suika game as part of the software. Later, Aladdin X and its developer, popIn, brought the game to Nintendo Switch as an eShop exclusive in 2021. Initially, the game was limited to Japanese users. However, after the game became a viral sensation when a few streamers made it popular, Aladdin X decided to release the game internationally. Since its release in October, Suika has become a massive hit and received millions of downloads. 

Is Suika game available on smartphones and PC?

Suika World, a clone game available for free (Image credit: Suika World)

No, the Suika game can only be played on a Nintendo Switch where it can be downloaded from the official eShop for $2.99 (or approx Rs 249).  However, there are plenty of Suika clones available online, including a free web version of the game, which also works on mobile. While you can come across numerous Suika clones on the web, Suika World, a free, browser-based clone, comes closest to replicating the original Switch version, implementing the aesthetics and physics accurately.But the Nintendo Switch version of the game, where it is exclusively available, is more in-depth, features music and better graphics.

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