E-Commerce, Virtual Try-Ons, and How Tech Is Changing the Eyewear Industry

Recent innovations in the eyewear industry have been nothing short of groundbreaking, especially since many of these developments can benefit the millions of people living with vision issues. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that approximately 12 million US citizens who are 40 years old and above suffer from vision impairment, prompting the need for vision correction. Thankfully, eye care is now more accessible as eyewear makers continue to embrace the latest technology to improve their services and provide optimum eye care.

As vision problems remain prevalent, glasses are the go-to corrective tool for people with eye issues. In fact, given the rise in vision issues and the growing accessibility of eyewear, the global market size of the eyewear industry was valued at $183.36 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow until 2030. Today, technology is further expanding and revolutionizing the eyewear market by releasing innovative products and designs and reshaping how glasses are accessed and used. Here’s how tech is changing the landscape of the eyewear industry:

Virtual try-ons

More businesses have begun to rely on augmented and virtual reality to enhance their services. AR and VR create an immersive experience in a digital environment with the help of computer-generated perceptual information. This particular technology paved the way for virtual try-ons that allow you to digitally fit the glasses before purchasing to check if they are perfect for your face shape and size, and is available with retailers such as Eyebuydirect and Ray-Ban. This feature allows customers to wear and engage with various eyeglasses online virtually as, like the Persol PO3050V, if they were in a physical store. Instead of heading out to a nearby shop, you can now choose and try different frames and styles, like the Persol PO3050V, from the comfort of your home.


Growth in e-commerce has made online shopping a popular and more convenient way to buy products. Today, eyewear retailers are going digital while maintaining the business growth of their physical stores, allowing more customers to have easier access to eye care. LensCrafters is a popular retailer that lets you purchase glasses online in simple, easy steps. Just click a specific pair of glasses you wish to buy, like the Oakley Centerboard and Holbrook, then choose between single vision or progressive lenses depending on what you need, upload or manually enter your prescription, and choose lens specifications based on your preferences. It’s a one-stop-shop that lets you choose everything that you need for your glasses, making the purchasing process more convenient. This is perfect for increasing access to products for customers who don’t live near physical stores.

Smart glasses 

Aside from making eyewear and eye care services more accessible, technology has also made it possible to create smart glasses that are changing the way you view and interact with the world. The recent success of the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses is a trailblazing achievement that can potentially change the game for eyewear makers. Ray-Ban’s collaboration with tech giant Meta gave birth to a pair of glasses that allow you to capture photos and record videos, listen to music, and live stream to various platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Now, you can also enjoy landmark recognition features that help you identify a specific place and learn its history with the help of the built-in conversational assistant Meta AI, which is useful if you’re lost or simply curious. These features are hallmarks of eyewear innovation made possible through the ever-growing tech advancements that make life easier.

The digital age has paved the way for innovations that are transforming the way we see the world. From easier eye care access to enhanced smart features, technology is bound to change the landscape of the eyewear industry.


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