SRP election a chance to ensure vibrant, prosperous future for Arizona


This column originally appeared in the Phoenix Business Journal.

Voters in Salt River Project’s service territory will play a significant role in determining the future of a large portion of Arizona’s energy and water policies when they cast their ballots on April 2. They should choose wisely. Their votes will determine whether SRP maintains its steady, environmentally and economically responsible trajectory, or whether it adopts a dramatic and expensive change of course. 

Opponents of the current SRP board and council occupy an extreme wing of the environmental movement. They’re calling for reforms so sweeping that they’ll cause customers’ power bills to spike to untenable levels. 

SRP’s contribution to the state’s economic success is too important to pursue change motivated by a rigid ideological agenda. Some changes might be beneficial, but voters and SRP’s elected leaders should prioritize stability, reliability, and the interests of all stakeholders, including businesses and homeowners.

Danny Seiden, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Salt River Project plays a vital role as the nation’s largest public power company, supplying electricity and water to a significant portion of Arizona. Its governance should strike a balance between innovation and proven strategies that ensure affordable and reliable services for its commercial and residential customers.

SRP has smartly integrated renewable energy sources into its system. Critics say it’s been too slow. But the transition to clean energy must be managed responsibly to avoid disruptions and new costs that would be borne by ratepayers. We can embrace renewable energy while safeguarding the affordability and reliability of our energy supply.

Water management is another critical aspect of SRP’s responsibilities. With Arizona facing water challenges, including drought conditions, SRP’s role as a major water supplier underscores the need for informed and strategic decision-making. Collaborative efforts between SRP, stakeholders, and policymakers are essential to ensuring sustainable water practices that support economic growth and environmental stewardship.

As for SRP’s governance, the current structure has served the community well for decades. While improvements can always be considered, any changes should be carefully evaluated to uphold fairness, representation, and accountability.

Neil Giuliano, president and CEO of Greater Phoenix Leadership.

To ensure a vibrant and prosperous future for Arizona, SRP voters should support candidates who understand the complexities of energy and water management, prioritize economic growth, and promote policies that benefit businesses and residents alike.

If you’re in SRP’s territory, exercise your right to vote. You’ll help determine the direction of SRP’s policies and initiatives and the state’s economic development prospects. 

The next generation of SRP leaders should commit to build a sustainable, resilient, and business-friendly energy and water infrastructure for generations to come.

SRP has served Arizona since before statehood, setting the standard for public utilities nationwide. It’s a reputation worth preserving. 

Danny Seiden is president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Neil Giuliano is president and CEO of Greater Phoenix Leadership.


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