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Competitors shoot from the prone position during the MIL air riflery championships on Saturday at Baldwin. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

WAILUKU — Dylan Arisumi left no doubt who the best air riflery shooter in the Maui Interscholastic League is right now at the Central Pacific Bank/MIL championship meet on Saturday at the Jon Garcia Gym on the Baldwin High School campus.

The Maui High junior piled up 538 points with 17 bulls-eye’s to dominate the individual list — her score was 21 points better than Sabers sophomore Andy Oviedo, the boys individual champion, and her bullseyes were four more than anyone else.

“It feels really good, it kind of scared me, but it’s really exciting for me,” Arisumi said moments after claiming her individual gold medal. “And I hope to do better next year.”

Arisumi said she had confidence going into the MIL championships because of the format involving two rounds in each of the shooting positions — prone, standing and kneeling — instead of the one-round format for most of the regular season.

“The double targets is like a way for me to make up points,” Arisumi said, adding that she hopes to be in the top 15 at the Hawaii Army National Guard/HHSAA state championships on Oct. 31 at the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu.


Arisumi was second in the MIL girls standings last year, a factor that drove her all year in 2023.

“It feels good because I got to work toward my goal harder over the season to get my motivation to be first,” she said.

Her nerves were high on Saturday morning before she took the floor in the first wave of shooters — the three-wave day took six hours to complete.

“I tried to pretend it was a normal match so my nerves wouldn’t get to me, but it got to me so I did some running,” Arisumi said. “And then it went away by the time I shot. … Being in the first relay, I had less time to overthink.”

Oviedo beat defending boys individual champion Bennett Takahama of Kamehameha Maui 517-511 for the gold medal.


“It’s good,” Oviedo said. “I feel like I could have done better. Like on average, I’m at the 520s, but I didn’t do too bad today.”

Oviedo said while he likes to train individually in the sport, Arisumi helps him and all the other Sabers get better in the Maui High practices.

“I’ve been using her kind of as inspiration, kind of getting tips from her,” Oviedo said. “She gives us advice when we need it.”

Ava Rutherford Storm, a Kamehameha Maui sophomore, was the second-place girl at 515.

“Oh my gosh, she’s so good and she’s also amazing, too,” Rutherford Storm said of Arisumi. “I’m really happy for her.”

Baldwin shooters take aim from the prone position Saturday. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

The Warriors won both the boys and girls team titles. Four of the 11 individual spots that the MIL gets to the state tournament — for boys and girls each — go to the team champions.

“Oh my gosh, that was so cool, I’m so proud,” Rutherford Storm said. “I got to bring my girls to states and I’m so happy.”

Takahama was also happy with his individual silver and team gold.

“It’s great, last year we got the team champs, so it was good for us to get back in and get it again this year,” Takahama said. “We were kind of worrying because we’ve got a lot of new kids this year and one of our top shooters graduated, but we were able to make it and just train hard.”

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Saturday’s Results • At Baldwin


*-denotes top individual shooters


1. Kamehameha Maui 748-626-655–2012: Ava Rutherford Storm 188-167-160–515, Ella Weber 190-150-167–507, Melina Espino 183-154-159–496, Charlene Vierra 175-155-164–494, Takara Oana 187-141-164–492, Keli’a Kang 175-148-159–482, Nicki Silva 182-143-155–480, Ava Takahama 181-138-154–473.

2. Baldwin 724-589-678–1985: Poerava Espaniola Brewster 186-152-168–506, Kaylee Miyamoto 183-146-169–498, Rianna Ribucan 177-139-179–495, Jaelynn Fukuda 178-152-156–486, Skylar Watanabe 172-138-161–471, Chloe Kihara-Tolentino 177-117-162–456, Nikki Toyama 175-124-156–455, Maya Kozawa 168-118-134–420.

3. Maui High 744-581-660–1970: *Dylan Arisumi 192-166-180–538, Kaytin Bayez 192-142-164–498, Anna Valdez 184-119-168–471, Kalyssa Orikasa 176-139-148–463, Keona Comilang 169-134-143–446, Natasha Esclito 160-104-112–376.

4. King Kekaulike 742-569-641–1941: Kapualiliaoelena Rodrigues 188-152-163–503, Pasha Akina 183-143-163–489, Krystel Valoroso 190-138-160–488, Kalaahie Wong 181-128-152–461, Lilinoe Quitazol 176-136-144–456, Rachel Medeiros 176-136-143–455, Kaylee Parsons 179-130-142–451, Marlee Whyte 170-121-155–446.

5. Seabury Hall 727-573-631–1911: Tulip Hori 182-143-157–482, Kayce Migita 185-142-152–479, Molly Thompson 181-141-156–478, Rosalie Peck 163-147-162–472, Gianna Cabanting 179-121-156–456, Skylar Kuroda 179-129-148–456, Alana Jonick 176-119-146–441, Bridget Ng 147-131-155–433.

6. Lahainaluna 658-476-578–1684: Sonia Rojas 169-136-149–454, Kaohu-Lynn Flores-Akiona 158-126-130–414, Mounga Fifita 168-107-133–408, Carmela Bonifacio 150-107-151–408, Mina-Genesis Nagasako 163-90-145–398, Bianzy Nicole Barbosa 149-97-101–347.

7. Molokai 665-459-576–1668: No’eau Lenwai 177-130-144–451, Aiko Kanemitsu 166-117-139–422, Zaylynn Satele-Tangonan 153-104-142–399, Malie Kaahanui 169-83-144–396, Alexis Bishaw-Juario 141-108-146–395.

8. St. Anthony 551-412-488–1425: June Wu 155-98-152–405, Amaria Jackson 143-97-108–348, Mikayla Gerard 132-87-121–340, Maricar Mendez 119-106-107–332, Masako Kaya 121-111-95–327.

9. Kulanihako’i 68-60-72–200: Caylee Damasco-Yabes 68-60-72–200.


1. Kamehameha Maui 749-597-657–1997: Bennett Takahama 189-161-161–511, Luc Sheehan 184-154-168–506, Keanu Tabaco 185-152-161–498, Chaysen Tanaka 187-128-167–482, Ezekiel Kamalani 188-123-160–471, Kody Sakamoto 175-130-157–462, Noa Fong 173-110-158–441, Ryan Kama 174-111-155–440.

2. Maui High 745-613-662–1994: *Andy Oviedo 183-162-172–517, Aaron Inda 183-161-165–509, Dutch Akana 188-154-159–501, Evan Bailey 171-130-166–467, Jaryk Lucero 176-136-149–461, Jayse Miyagawa 191-109-148–448.

3. Seabury Hall 717-548-653–1899: John Kaahui 186-150-168–504, Brandon Yu 178-136-174–488, Jacob Robello 167-132-157–456, Kekai Apana 173-130-148–451, Turner Alston 154-115-154–423, Weston Otterson 168-115-129–412, Sean Cortez 180-86-111–377, Brendan Seykora 153-83-119–355.

4. Baldwin 736-536-629–1892: Ricky De La Torre 187-152-158–497, Connor Tumaneng 183-137-151–471, Ethan Franks 180-123-165–468, Tyton Takahashi 181-124-151–456, Tehzion Cordero 178-117-155–450, Mason Means 185-108-135–428, Jesse Lau 165-102-128–395.

5. King Kekaulike 701-563-651–1891: Jackson Barcus 183-155-160–498, Josiah Medeiros 173-149-175–497, Blake Yatsushiro 178-136-170–484, Jordan Purdy 164-111-137–412, Benjamin Loo 167-90-146–403, Christian Payton 165-123-107–395, Kade Shimada 157-91-88–336, Seth Bell 132-79-107–318.

6. Molokai 666-536-594–1778: Kaldryn Lenwai 162-146-162–470, Jaden Sasada 185-140-136–461, Nykee Naeole-Starkey 173-129-142–444, Kaizen Lenwai 146-111-146–403, Mason Habon 135-121-144–400, Randyn Cabreros 131-80-135–346.

7. St. Anthony 638-393-505–1536: Kail Bowes 174-133-154–461, Rob Gonzales 175-118-152–445, Alika Kish 161-90-107–358, Johnny Wall 128-52-92–272.

8. Lahainaluna 496-291-472–1259: Klein Consignado 137-87-123–347, Humble Lin Kee-Delos Reyes 138-74-132–344, Edralin Sam Ceon 131-59-125–315, Kalani Camacho 90-71-92–253.

9. Kulanihako’i 146-78-76–300: Kymani Eldredge 84-52-65–201, Colton Friske 62-26-11–99.

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