Program trying to get more workers in tech jobs in Ohio


DAYTON, Ohio — A new nationwide program trying to get more workers in tech jobs is coming to Ohio.

What You Need To Know

  • A new nationwide program called ‘NPower’ is headed to Dayton this month 
  • The program provides weeks of certificate training in computer technology 
  • The program is coming to Dayton with the help of a city grant, making it no cost to students who are a part of it

Jordan Reiss spent three years cleaning office suites.

“The reason I became a custodian at the company was I wanted to try and move up the ladder,” said Reiss.

But he had no experience in the computer tech job he really wanted, no college degree and no training until he got a call from his mom. He said he was skeptical at first, but that feeling soon changed.

“I felt elated. Really felt like I was on cloud nine,” said Reiss.

She told him about a new class, a training program, that changed everything.

“They really came through for me to get me is as far as I have,” said Reiss.

It’s a class expanding to the Dayton area, a class through the nonprofit group, NPower.

“Part of our mission is to not just train them in the skills, but make sure they’re completely set up for success. So, we have a day that’s each week that’s dedicated to professional development. And part of that is also job placement,” said NPower Ohio Executive Director Demarus Crawford-White. 

She said it costs around $8,000 a student to train, but the nonprofit got a city grant, making it no cost to students.

Crawford-White said they plan to set up at Dayton’s Hub building on Main Street by the end of October.

When students leave the program after at least six weeks, she said they’ll walk away with a computer tech certification and a new job.

“We’re talking entry-level tech jobs. So, like, analysts helped us support the guy who helps you set up your email when you first start a new job. You know, so jobs at our career level, they allow students to increase their skills and move up with the company,” said Crawford-White.

Reiss just graduated from the program in Texas. He’s now a desktop support tech at a Dayton-based company that he used to clean.

“I know the saying goes if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. It’s not always the case in my circumstance. It was true. And, you know, all these doorways that were previously closed are probably doors that I couldn’t even see before are now open and have big blinding lights pointing at them so I can see them,” said Reiss.

NPower is still taking in more students for its Dayton program. To be eligible, you have to be between the ages of 18 to 26 with a high school diploma.

For more information about the program, click here.


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