March Madness: Follow Selection Sunday live as brackets are revealed


Selection Sunday is here.

The final few conference championship games are in the books and the brackets are on their way.

The NCAA men’s tournament bracket was revealed on Sunday with UConn announced as the No. 1 overall seed playing out of the East region.

Houston is the No. 1 seed in the South region and Purdue earned the No. 1 seed in the Midwest. North Carolina was named the No. 1 seed in the West, beating out follow projected contenders Iowa State and Arizona.

The committee faced a tougher challenge than usual this year when trying to choose among the final at-large contenders. There were a surplus of deserving bubble teams after a handful of at-large hopefuls made valiant last-gasp charges and bid thieves shrunk the number of available spots.

Whether you’re a die-hard hoops head, a casual or someone who’s never watched a college basketball game, there’s a decent chance you’ve been invited to fill out a bracket. If not, join one of our free public contests and fill out a men’s and women’s bracket today.

Follow along below as the brackets are revealed.

Live62 updates

  • NCAA tournament bracket revealed: UConn claims No. 1 overall seed

    See the full bracket by clicking on the photo below.

    (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

    Sign up for Bracket Madness | Click for printable bracket

  • We’re about a half hour away from the start of the women’s selection show reveal.

  • With the men’s bracket set, here are the point spreads for 1st-round games

    The NCAA tournament attracts all sports bettors, from the serious player who is watching Big West games on a Wednesday night to those who won’t watch their first college basketball game this season until noon Eastern time on Thursday.

    Here are the opening lines for the first-round games (four matchups won’t be set until the First Four is completed), with the spreads from BetMGM.

    Story from Frank Schwab:

    Click photo for story. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

  • NCAA tournament bracket tips: Advice to help make your picks

  • Here are this year’s six biggest NCAA men’s tournament snubs

    This was the rare year in college basketball when there were more deserving NCAA tournament bubble teams than spots in the field of 68. Bubble teams from across the country made valiant last-gasp charges at the same time as a handful of bid-stealers came from nowhere to win their conference tournaments and shrink the number of available at-large spots.

    In the end, the committee gave lifelines to bubble teams Virginia and Colorado and showed no love to the Big East. Seton Hall, St. John’s and Providence were each among the teams left out of the field, leaving the vaunted Big East with just three NCAA tournament bids.

    Story from Jeff Eisenberg:

    (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

  • Last four in: Boise State, Colorado, Virginia, Colorado State

    First four out: Oklahoma, Seton Hall, Indiana State, Pittsburgh

  • West Region snap judgments

    • Please, please, please give us Caleb Love versus North Carolina in the Elite Eight. That would be all kinds of fun.

    • Saint Mary’s, like Gonzaga, is generously seeded as a No. 5.

    • Biggest snubs among the bubble teams: Oklahoma, Indiana State and the Big East trio of St. John’s, Seton Hall and Providence. Only three bids for the Big East? Wild.

  • West Region

    No. 1 North Carolina vs. No. 16 Howard/Wagner

    No. 8 Mississippi State vs. No. 9 Michigan State

    No. 5 Saint Mary’s vs. No. 12 Grand Canyon

    No. 4 Alabama vs. No. 13 Charleston

    No. 6 Clemson vs. No. 11 New Mexico

    No. 3 Baylor vs. No. 14 Colgate

    No. 7 Dayton vs. No. 10 Nevada

    No. 2 Arizona vs. No. 15 Long Beach State

  • Midwest Region snap judgments

    • Utah State an 8? Colorado State joining Boise State in Dayton? This committee has no respect for the best Mountain West in at least a decade.

    • Gonzaga-McNeese State is a super fun first-round matchup, but the Zags landing a No. 5 seed is very, very generous. They were lucky to avoid the 8-9 game. Bubble teams who should be very worried right now: Michigan State, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Pitt, Oklahoma, Indiana State

  • Midwest Region

    No. 1 Purdue vs. No. 16 Montana State/Grambling State

    No. 8 Utah State vs. No. 9 TCU

    No. 5 Gonzaga vs. No. 12 McNeese

    No. 4 Kansas vs. No. 13 Samford

    No. 6 South Carolina vs. No. 11 Oregon

    No. 3 Creighton vs. No. 14 Akron

    No. 7 Texas vs. No. 10 Virginia/Colorado State

    No. 2 Tennessee vs. No. 15 Saint Peter’s

  • South Region snap judgments

    • Wisconsin-James Madison is a tasty first-round matchup. That will be a must-see game and a popular opening-round upset.

    • What on earth is Boise State doing in the First Four? There’s a reason the Broncos weren’t mentioned as a bubble team all week. They shouldn’t have been one.

    • Is Marquette star Tyler Kolek healthy? If not, that’s about as friendly a path to the Elite Eight as third-seeded Kentucky could have asked for.

  • South Region

    No. 1 Houston vs. No. 16 Longwood

    No. 8 Nebraska vs. No. 9 Texas A&M

    No. 5 Wisconsin vs. No. 12 James Madison

    No. 4 Duke vs. No. 13 Vermont

    No. 6 Texas Tech vs. No. 11 NC State

    No. 3 Kentucky vs. No. 14 Oakland

    No. 7 Florida vs. No. 10 Boise State/Colorado

    No. 2 Marquette vs. No. 15 Western Kentucky

  • East Region

    No. 1 UConn vs. No. 16 Stetson

    No. 8 Florida Atlantic vs. No. 9 Northwestern

    No. 5 San Diego State vs. No. 12 UAB

    No. 4 Auburn vs. No. 13 Yale

    No. 6 BYU vs. No. 11 Duquesne

    No. 3 Illinois vs. No. 14 Morehead State

    No. 7 Washington State vs. No. 10 Drake

    No. 2 Iowa State vs. No. 15 South Dakota State

  • East Region snap judgments

    UConn as the No. 1 overall seed was the right call. The most dominant team and the only potential No. 1 seed that swept its regular season and conference tournament titles

    • Iowa State not only doesn’t get a No. 1 but isn’t the top No. 2 seed and lands in UConn’s bracket? Yikes. That’s harsh.

    • Does Drake securing a No. 10 seed bode well for Indiana State sneaking in?

    • Most unjustifiably high seed so far: Duquesne as a No. 11

  • Full East Region for the NCAA men’s tournament

  • No. 1 overall seed: UConn Huskies

  • The big decision I’m looking forward to most is who receives the final No. 1 seed alongside UConn, Purdue and Houston. Will it be North Carolina, which won the ACC regular season title, swept two games from Duke and reached the ACC title game? Or will it be Iowa State, which vaulted into contention by demolishing Houston in Saturday night’s Big 12 title game?

    Both teams have identical 27-7 overall records and 16-7 records against the top two quadrants. Iowa State has more top-tier wins and has overtaken North Carolina in the NCAA approved advanced metrics.

  • 3 quick bubble predictions as the unveiling of the bracket creeps closer

    1. At least one of the Big East’s three bubble teams will hear its name called. League affiliation isn’t supposed to matter but there’s no way a conference as strong as the Big East only gets three NCAA tournament teams. I feel a little better about Seton Hall’s chances than either Providence or St. John’s, but it’s very, very close.

    2. Every few years, the committee sends a message by excluding a power-conference bubble team that didn’t challenge itself enough in non-league play. The team that will likelfall victim to that this year is Pittsburgh, which played the NET’s 344th-ranked non-conference strength of schedule.

    3. If there’s a surprise team left out of the NCAA tournament field, it could be Oklahoma. Only two of Oklahoma’s 20 wins came against likely NCAA tournament teams. While the Sooners have four Quadrant 1 victories, they needed 16 Quadrant 1 games to get those.


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