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A year ago, generative AI (GenAI) was just coming onto the scene for enterprises— now it’s a priority. As organisations around the world deploy GenAI for customer service, automation, and many other business cases, they understand its requirements — huge volumes of data, massive computing power, advanced security architecture, and rapid scalability. For development and deployment at enterprise scale, the preferred engine of transformation is hybrid cloud.

But, here’s the catch: Many of the roadblocks that once slowed down hybrid cloud adoption stand in the way of fully implementing GenAI. Cloud leaders are concerned about the challenges associated with data privacy when adopting GenAI. While a cloud environment is essential for managing sustainability initiatives at an enterprise level, workforce deficiencies in cloud skills are impacting implementation.

According to a new IBM global survey, about 36% of cloud leaders expressed concern about cybersecurity or data privacy when adopting GenAI. The IBM Cloud Transformation Report 2023 points out 60% of cloud leaders in India cite security and compliance as reasons for moving certain workloads from public clouds to private clouds or on-premises data centres, an increase of 18% from the previous year.

In India, 68% of the business leaders surveyed agreed that lack of cloud skills remains a considerable challenge in their digital transformation journeys, which is higher than the global average of 58% — ranking second to only Japan (75%). However, the strong intent of Indian businesses to overcome this obstacle to innovation is evident — about 85% said they have created new positions to fulfill the need for cloud skills. Indian organisations are leading the efforts to close the skills gap, followed by those surveyed in the US (80%), UK (77%), Germany (72%), Spain (72%) and Australia (70%).

“As GenAI gains momentum in India, organisations need to harness the power of a robust hybrid cloud approach to tackle challenges that are coming to the forefront. Investing in the right cloud technologies and tools will help businesses tackle increasing security and compliance concerns and deliver on their sustainability goals,” said Viswanath Ramaswamy, vice-president – Technology, IBM India & South Asia.

Hybrid cloud models aided by the right talent capabilities will play a huge role in shaping the success of business transformation initiatives. “It is heartening to see that about 85% of respondents have said they are creating new job positions to fulfil the need for cloud skills in this GenAI era,” said Ramaswamy.


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