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Snapchat+ subscribers can instantly create snaps using generative AI.

Snapchat gets more generative AI features (Image credit: Snapchat)

Snapchat just added another generative AI feature, which allows the Plus subscribers to generative images using text prompts. Right now, a Snapchat+ subscription costs Rs 49 a month or Rs 499 a year, which enables exclusive features such as custom app icons, peek-a-peek, chat wallpaper, custom app themes, story rewatch, and more.

Snapchat has added quite a few generative-AI-backed features such as generative profile backgrounds, personalised AI dreams, generative chat wallpapers, and My AI bot. With the latest update, Snapchat+ subscribers can now generate images using pre-defined prompts or they can also use their own phrases to generate images using AI.

The platform currently has over 7 million paid Snapchat+ users. Snapchat also highlights some of the unique phrases such as “dog sleeping on a rocket,” “planet made out of cheese,” “raccoon driving a motorcycle,” and more. Users can quickly open the camera menu on the app and click on the AI option on the right side menu to start generating images. Once generated, users can further edit these images by using additional phrases.

Once generated, users can download these images and share them on other platforms. Similarly, users can also share them within the app. Snapchat’s Dream, an AI selfie feature also gets an update, where, users can now transform a picture with friends and family using specific themes.

In another interesting development, Snapchat will soon introduce AR lenses that can make use of ChatGPT, where, developers can build new AR lenses using ChatGPT’s generative AI capability. Snapchat is also rolling out some of these features to free users, however, the majority of new features are limited to the Plus subscribers.

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First published on: 13-12-2023 at 11:37 IST

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