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At a time when countries including India are working to develop 5G and 6G technologies, Ericsson’s vice president for patent development, Gabriele Mohsler, believes the quality of patents rather than the quantity will be important and says companies should focus on that.

“I think number (of patents) play a role but quality plays a much higher role. It’s good to set ambitious goals, but the patent offices in India and around the world need to have the right mapping and patenting,” Mohsler told FE in an interaction.

In the telecom industry, standards are the rules and specifications that define how different devices, systems, and networks communicate, and interoperate.

Comments from Mohsler assume significance in the sense that when standards in telecom or any other technology are set, the same are matched with the type of patents available. In case the patents registered do not match the standards or meet the requirements based on standards, they will be of no use as there would be no takers for these.

Even as India now has the second largest 5G network in the world, on the back of the fastest rollout, the government has set a target to lead in 6G technology by developing global 6G standards. So far, India has acquired over 200 patents for 6G technology, according to the government.

The real success, however, will depend on how many such patents are accepted on the basis of 6G standards, according to industry executives.

Lately, India’s indigenously developed 5Gi standard has been formally merged with the 3GPP 5G Standard. The technology enables the deployment of 5G cell sites with long range, which is required for improving cellular and IoT connectivity in rural India.

3GPP is an international body that defines the global standard for the telecom sector.

“When you are doing good R&D (research and development), the likelihood of patents coming to standards becomes high and India has a bunch of very good technical people,” Gabriel said, adding that startups should take advice from patent attorneys whenever they are going ahead in filing any patent.

Ericsson has been investing in R&D in India, having its research centers located in Chennai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon, housing 1800 employees.

The company is also focusing on expanding its intellectual property rights (IPR) and patenting team in India. Overall, the company has over 200 employees in the segment, and of that Ericsson India has about nine people as patent attorneys, paralegals, and in analytics. “Typically, in a country the size of the patent team we have is about 10-15. The whole IPR field is a very small community. For telecoms and IP law, I want to educate engineers myself, I want to train them to become patent attorneys,” Gabriel said, adding that Ericsson follows a very high quality standard in-house.

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