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Logitech, the Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software, sees a lot of untapped potential in the Indian market — from low PC penetration to low gaming equipment usage and now to low video-enabled rooms. Highlighting that video conferencing is emerging as one of Logitech’s fastest growing businesses in India, Moninder Jain, vice-president & head of emerging markets, tells Sudhir Chowdhary that the company’s strength lies in research & development, resulting in innovative products across market segments.

Do you feel video conferencing was just a flash in the pan that boomed during the pandemic?

Absolutely not, in fact, the growth of video conferencing was already gaining momentum before the pandemic. The pandemic merely accelerated this trend and brought it to the forefront of everyone’s attention. However, when we examine our operations in India, we can observe that even this year, the growth in video conferencing has surpassed the levels seen during the pandemic years.

This indicates that video conferencing is a long-term trend. Currently around 10% of conference rooms in India are video-enabled. This represents a massive market potential that is still poised for further growth.

What are the opportunities that Logitech sees in the Indian market?

Our robust market share positions us favourably, and as PC penetration continues to rise, our market shares are poised to increase further. Our offerings cater to a diverse audience, particularly resonating with the youth, encompassing not just physical age but also power users and coders in India. Additionally, the gaming sector prompts us to explore opportunities and strategies specific to India.

What are your business strategy and focus areas?

Overall business strategy is to make sure that people have the best equipment to cover that last mile between man and machine or man and platform. To cater to your screens, you need the cameras and the hardware, which help you bridge that gap because those are essentially what will communicate to the other side in both the corporate and personal space. We are not limited to consumers; companies are also a target. We are not just a consumer company; certainly not solely an enterprise company., we are always going to be playing in both pockets.

What factors are driving Logitech’s business growth?

During Covid, there was a noticeable increase in the amount of time people spent with their PCs. This shift in behaviour was reflected within Logitech as well, as customers began purchasing more products. As a result, the mix of our product offerings, particularly mice and keyboards, has shifted towards the mid to high-end segment.

Another change is in the gaming sector, where consumers increasingly seek dedicated gaming peripherals rather than mere mouse usage. Moreover, webcams have emerged as indispensable accessories. This shift, underscores a growing recognition of their significance beyond peripherals like mice and keyboards.

What does sustainability meanfor the brand?

Sustainability means minimising the carbon footprint associated with our products . Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality, striving for reduced carbon emissions whenever possible. Presently, carbon labelling is implemented in 40 to 50% of our products, starting with a few and then including packaging. Previously, some products were packaged in blister packs with stickers, but we have transitioned to closed boxes to reduce plastic usage. We have initiated a project to carbon label our products, and currently, over half of our products follow this eco-friendly labelling approach.

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