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Sony may be working on a PlayStation 5 refresh, but the company has reportedly paused production of the PS VR2 headset to clear existing inventory, according to Bloomberg. The news comes just over a year after the headset made its global debut in February last year, with some IDC analysts hinting that the company sold only 1.7 million units in 2023.

Throughout last year, Sony’s sales figures have been gradually dipping. While hardware sales often see a spike after holidays in the United States, the last quarter of 2023 was the most sluggish for Sony’s PS VR2 headset, with the company selling just 3,25,000 units.

The PS VR2 is more expensive than the PlayStation 5. (Image Source: Sony)

The Sony PS VR2 headset has four tracking cameras, offers a resolution of 4K per eye and has a 120Hz OLED screen. Similar to the Apple Vision Pro, it comes with a passthrough mode that lets you see the surroundings. However, unlike Apple’s and Meta’s standalone headsets, the PS VR2 requires the wearer to connect to the PlayStation 5.

One of the reasons why the PS VR2 headset hasn’t seen a lot of success is the lack of compatible titles. To date, Sony has launched only four VR games for the headset and the company is yet to clarify if any new first-party games will be available for the headset. Moreover, the PS VR2 also happens to lack backward compatibility, meaning gamers cannot play titles designed for Sony’s first-generation VR headset.

However, things may soon change. Sony recently announced that it is working on PC support for the PS VR2 and roll out the update sometime later this year. If true, this could boost sales as gamers who want to play games on PC but don’t to buy a PlayStation 5 might buy the headset. Another thing Sony can potentially do to boost sales is reduce the price of the headset, which currently sells for Rs 57,990, making it more expensive than the PlayStation 5.

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