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Ivy Tech Community College in Terre Haute has raised $12.2 million through its five-year Invest IN Ivy Tech comprehensive campaign, college officials announced Tuesday at the annual Chancellor’s Club dinner.

Ivy Tech surpassed its $12 million goal.

Funds raised are supporting seven funding priorities, including mental health services for students, endowment growth, campus enhancements, scholarships, high school student pathways (dual credit/dual enrollment), student success initiatives and laptop scholarships.

Scholarship opportunities have increased significantly, said Lea Anne Crooks, chancellor of Ivy Tech Terre Haute. “It has provided $1.3 million in scholarship aid,” supporting more than 1,600 students during the last five years, she said.

In terms of the number of students benefiting and the changes Ivy Tech has made in campus infrastructure, the campaign “truly is impacting the communities in which we live from an economic point of view,” Crooks said.

Students are completing their education and entering the workforce.

“We are very thankful for the partners that came along side us to get us to this point,” Crooks said in an interview prior to the dinner.

The $12 million campaign goal for Ivy Tech Terre Haute was part of the statewide efforts to raise $285 million across all 19 Ivy Tech campuses.

Each campus identified its goal based on its unique campus priorities.

Statewide, donors committed $340 million in support of Ivy Tech Community College, exceeding the goal by 19%.

The Ivy Tech Terre Haute campaign involved 1,357 unique donors.

Campus leadership met with campus representatives as well as industry and community partners, donors and alumni in establishing needs of the campus and community, Crooks said.

“Truthfully, it was an ambitious goal,” said Rachel Mullinnix, executive director of development and strategic initiatives. “We were confident our community partners would come alongside us to give our students the opportunities they deserve.”

Lori and Steve Danielson co-chaired the local campaign committee.

“The heart of this campaign was our students,” said Lori Danielson. “This campaign set out to address technology gaps, provide mental health support, expand scholarship opportunities, and keep our focus on ensuring Ivy Tech students are successful, which means that our communities will thrive.”

The Danielsons established the Thrive On! Scholarship, which allows students to grow their leadership skills as they prepare for their careers following their education.

Funds are being used as follows:

Post-Secondary Pathway Support: Ivy Tech prioritizes creating seamless pathways for high school students to earn free college credits while in high school through dual credit and dual enrollment opportunities. Through these opportunities, high school students and their families saved nearly $12 million in tuition costs during the five-year Invest IN Ivy Tech campaign.

Mental Health Services: Thanks to a partnership with Valley Professionals Community Health Center, Ivy Tech has a full-time behavioral health counselor on campus to support students with free mental health services. The partnership has provided 1,135 students with free mental health support.

Digital Equity: Digital Equity Laptop scholarships awarded students brand new laptops, alleviating a barrier to completing their degree or credential. Nearly 1,000 laptop scholarships were awarded to students throughout the campaign, resulting in an average 7-9% higher retention rate.

Sustainable Support: The campaign has resulted in a nearly 36% growth in the campus’ endowment.

Student Success: Through enrollment expansion and retention support, the School of Nursing has an annual capacity of 20 additional nursing students. In addition, nursing students have expanded tutoring programs and financial aid options to participate in credentialing test preparation courses.

Campus Enhancements: Industry partners like Trans-Care Ambulance supported renovating classroom and lab spaces in high-demand health sciences programs. The new areas allow students to seamlessly transition from classroom instruction to hands-on lab activities.

Scholarship Program: The Invest IN Ivy Tech campaign brought a $1.3 million increase in student scholarship opportunities and supported more than 1,600 students during the last five years. In addition, several new cohort-based scholarships were launched, including Bowen Scholars, ThriveOn!, and Recovery Scholars.


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