INTELITY Fuels Expansion with $5 Million Strategic Growth Investment and New Leadership |


INTELITY is a global leader in guest experience technology, integrating mobile, in-room, and operational tools into one fully-integrated hospitality platform.

By Lea Mira, HTN Staff Writer – 12.14.2023

Hospitality technology solution provider INTELITY has secured $5 million in strategic growth capital. The funding includes contributions from LLR Partners and SaaS industry veterans Steve Proctor and Tim Stafford. Proctor, who brings over 25 years of software industry experience, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of INTELITY. His focus will be on further innovating the company’s hotel tech platform.

In 2019, INTELITY raised $44 million to expand its cloud services to more hotels, allowing them to manage staff and facilitate guest room service orders via tablets or smartphones. The funding was provided by Philadelphia-based private equity firm LLR Partners. INTELITY’s aim is to offer customers the most direct and advanced connection to their guests while also supporting back-of-house operations and business intelligence.

Steve Proctor, the new Chief Executive Officer of INTELITY

Proctor’s previous roles include executive positions at Oracle and Edgenet. As CEO of Edgenet, he led the company out of bankruptcy and within four years, it was strategically acquired by Syndigo for $100 million. Proctor attributes this success to a focus on customer obsession, product quality, and the connection between the two to create customer value.

As CEO of INTELITY, Proctor will lead a team of seasoned hospitality and technology professionals to drive the company’s growth. The INTELITY platform offers a wide range of guest experience features. These include branded mobile apps with full mobile check-in, mobile check-out, ID, health and safety, payments, and keyless entry capabilities, as well as smart-room tablets. The platform also provides staff with robust ticketing and operations tooling through GEMS, INTELITY’s back office Guest Experience Management System, and over 100 integrations with other leading hospitality tech providers.

In June, for example, INTELITY announced a partnership and live integration with FreshBed, the world’s first bed featuring its own full control climate capabilities. The combined offering provides guests with the ability to adjust their complete sleep environment directly from a bedside smart room tablet or mobile app powered by the INTELITY platform.

Proctor emphasized the importance of technology in enhancing the hospitality experience, stating that INTELITY is committed to treating the host and guest experience as sacred. He added that the company will use the additional investments to strengthen the reach and durability of the INTELITY platform.

INTELITY is a global leader in guest experience technology, integrating mobile, in-room, and operational tools into one fully-integrated hospitality platform. The company’s Guest Experience Management System, GEMS, offers a full operations hub for staff to manage all back-of-house logistics. The Los Angeles, California-based company has been designated Forbes Travel Guide’s “Official Guest Engagement and Staff Management Platform Provider” and is utilized in more than 70 countries across six continents.

Founded by leaders with deep backgrounds in both hospitality and platform technologies, the company has built successive tech iterations around key elements of the digital traveler’s journey. These include many firsts such as the first lobby guest-facing tablet system, the first digitized in-room service request system, the first hardware-agnostic Bluetooth mobile key solution, and the first out-of-the-box mobile app scalable to hotels of all shapes, sizes, and standards.

INTELITY’s stated mission is to provide its customers with the most advanced guest experience platform available. The platform offers a direct digital connection to guests, residents, and other end-users, while also supporting a suite of back-of-house workflow capabilities like ticketing, service recovery, and data intelligence. The platform offers a range of key products and features, including mobile apps, mobile check-in/out, mobile key, service requests, digital compendium, mobile dining, messaging & notifications, amenity & service booking, digital retail, and guest folio.

INTELITY has been recognized as the industry leader in guest experience technology by Forbes Travel Guide, Inc., HTNG, Magellan, Hotel Tech Report, Built-in LA, Travel Weekly, and the World Travel Tech Awards for its innovation in the space.


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