FCS Solutions Unveils New Brand Identity in Support of the Hospitality Technology Company’s Transformative Strategy |

The company introduced a new visual identity and a renewed vision in line with its latest product offering, FCS1, as part of an extensive rebranding initiative.


FCS Solutions, global leading provider of hospitality technology, announced its rebranding – signaling a pivotal moment in the company’s evolution. Aligning with the company’s flagship solution, FCS1, which was launched in 2021, this strategic rebranding marks the dawn of the new era for the global leader.

As the company explores new grounds and possibilities in a rapidly changing world, the new brand encapsulates FCS Solutions’ role as a bridge, building innovative technology solutions through close collaboration with their customers – while helping them unlock operational efficiency and enhance their performance. At the heart of this rebranding is a refreshed new visual identity that highlights the direction and growth of the company and its solutions, including FCS1.

“Our new brand reflects our commitment to redefining the hospitality technology landscape,” shared Salma Miss, Head of Global Marketing at FCS Solutions. “This rebranding isn’t just about a visual transformation; it’s a redefinition of our purpose. FCS Solutions is all about enabling seamless, efficient operations for hotels and building the technology hotels truly need – and our new identity mirrors our commitment to our partners. This rebranding emphasizes our purpose to bridge hospitality and technology – and underscores FCS Solutions’ dedication to pioneering innovation, fostering collaboration, and delivering transformative technology solutions to the hospitality industry, globally.”

Since its establishment in 1982, FCS Solutions has consistently delivered technology solutions tailored to the unique demands of the hospitality industry. The company’s inaugural offering, FCS Gateway (previously WinSuite/Unicorn), revolutionized hotel operations by simplifying complex integrations. By being one of the first companies to democratize access to integration technology and empower hotels globally to post updates & costs, directly from their PABX, to their PMS, FCS Solutions positioned itself as a global leader addressing a critical gap faced by hoteliers at the time.

Their second solution, FCS Voice (formerly WinVoice/Phoenix), improved guest communication, providing seamless access to voicemail and wake-up call scheduling. These two solutions, collectively known as CAVM (Call Accounting & Voicemail), have been adopted by thousands of hotels across the globe, and continue to be utilized in hotels across 56 countries.

As the technology landscape moved towards Software Applications, the company continued to evolve with the industry, leading the way towards new technologies by becoming one of the first hospitality technology providers to offer a comprehensive suite of software solutions aimed at redefining day-to-day operations through automation.

In 2021, the introduction of FCS1, a new generation, intuitive, multi-device solution, further emphazied the company’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency for hotels.

Already adopted by hotels in 22 countries and counting, this cloud-based platform revolutionizes hotel operations by automating processes and optimizing departmental functionalities. In essence, FCS1 puts hotels on autopilot, with a direct impact on guest satisfaction.

“As the newer generation of technology solutions, FCS1 empowers hotels to elevate their operational efficiency by providing hoteliers with the tools they need to work smarter. FCS1 has quickly solidified its position as a benchmark in the hotel operations technology landscape in the past couple of years,” shared Karen Bey, Vice President of Global Sales & Channels at FCS Solutions. “With this rebranding initiative, we are reaffirming our commitment to help hoteliers bridge the gaps between their needs and desired outcomes through technology – and the alignment of our product and brand effectively communicates the evolving nature of our solutions. Embracing a human-centric approach to innovation, we strive to simplify complex tasks and processes, ensuring our technology seamlessly serves as an ally for hoteliers.”

FCS1 is an integrated intuitive cloud-based solution designed to simplify workflows, automate processes, and optimize operations across various hotel departments including housekeeping, guest services, maintenance, and more.

As part of this transformation, the company also launched two new websites. To explore FCS Solutions and its offerings, visit the links below:

FCS Solutions is a leading global hospitality technology solutions provider with more than 40 years of experience, offering an extensive portfolio of integrated products used by over 2,000 hotels in 56 countries.

Their latest product, FCS1, is the ultimate cloud-based solution for the modern hotelier, combining the best of FCS’ hospitality solutions into one easy-to-use solution covering cleaning and service delivery, incidents and complaints, and facility maintenance.

FCS1 enables hotels to create an operational management solution unique to their needs, and seamlessly integrates with their preferred PMS or third-party solution via open API – allowing hotels to optimize their daily workflow, stay on top of all tasks, and make data-driven decisions to utilize resources effectively.

Major hotel chains across the world, as well as independent properties of different sizes, have approved and implemented FCS1 as their preferred solution, demonstrating the wide adoption and effectiveness of FCS1 in meeting the diverse needs of the hospitality industry.

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