Georgia football-Georgia Tech live updates, score, injury news, analysis for Week 13 game

ATLANTA — The Georgia football team takes on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in a Week 13 game. Below you can find live updates, score, injury news and analysis for the game.

Georgia football is 11-0 and coming off a win over Tennessee. Georgia Tech beat Syracuse last week.

Georgia football-Georgia Tech live updates, injury news, analysis for Week 13

First quarter

Georgia 0, Georgia Tech 7, 11:36

4 plays, 37 yards, 2:07

Haynes King and Georgia Tech’s offense took advantage of a short field, drawing first blood on a 9-yard touchdown run.

The Bulldogs coughed up a fumble on their first offensive play, setting the Yellow Jackets up just 37 yards from the goal line.

5:30 p.m. ET: Georgia is expected to be without several key contributors on Saturday against the Yellow Jackets.

Wide receivers Ladd McConkey and Rara Thomas are not expected to play on Saturday. Both left the Tennessee game with their injuries, though neither is expected to be a long-term injury.

Georgia is also likely to be without Tate Ratledge after he is dealing with a bone bruise on his knee. In his absence, Georgia could go with either Micah Morris or Xavier Truss at left guard.

Defensively, Georgia is once again expected to be without Julian Humphrey and Jamon Dumas-Johnson on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive tackle Warren Brinson is a game-time decision.

Georgia will try its best to try and slow down a potent Georgia Tech offense with Haynes King at the helm.

“It’s not like they’re running new plays. They’re running new formations, new ways to window dress,” Georgia coach Kirby Smart said. “They do a good job of that. they change it up each week with the way they go about it. They look and see what has given us problems and they’ll run some of those. But there are similarities for sure. A lot of the things Buster did here he does there. There’s overlap. But they’ll have a different way to present it. It’ll be who can respond to that, acknowledge it, adjust to it and what they do off of it.”

Georgia has won six straight games against the rival Yellow Jackets. The last time Georgia Tech beat Georgia in Atlanta was back in 1999.

Georgia has already locked up a spot in the SEC championship game, having won the SEC East. The Bulldogs will take on Alabama, who is taking on Auburn on Saturday.

Georgia football injury report for Georgia Tech

Jamon Dumas-Johnson, forearm — out

Darris Smith, away from the team — out

Julian Humphrey, collarbone — out

Branson Robinson, knee — out

CJ Smith, knee — out

Ladd McConkey, ankle — doubtful

Warren Brinson, calf — questionable

Tate Ratledge, left knee — questionable

Rara Thomas, foot — questionable

Georgia football-Georgia Tech game time for Week 13 game

The Georgia football-Georgia Tech game is set for a 7:30 p.m. ET kickoff on Saturday, November 25.

Georgia football-Georgia Tech TV channel for Week 13 game

The Georgia football-Georgia Tech game can be seen on ABC. Sean McDounugh, Greg McElroy and Molly McGrath will be calling the game.

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