Centric Software partners with Hultafors Group and Snickers Workwear


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Centric Software®, a leading player in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), proudly announces its partnership with Hultafors Group, a global leader in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and its major brand, Snickers Workwear. This strategic collaboration marks Centric Software’s third significant partnership in less than a month, following alliances with sportswear giant Decathlon and fashion brand Style Union in October 2023.

Hultafors Group comprises 17 premium international brands in the PPE and Hardware sectors, with its heritage brand, Hultafors, tracing its roots back to 1883 in Stockholm. The group’s reach extends across 16 core markets in Europe and North America.

In pursuit of tripling sales between 2023 and 2030 and meeting sustainability objectives, Hultafors Group has initiated a global digitalization program. This program aims to establish a robust IT foundation to harness the potential of digital technology, streamline business operations, and innovate solutions for customers and users while monitoring and reporting on sustainability progress.

Martin Edling, CIO at Hultafors Group, emphasises the significance of data in today’s world, referring to it as the new ‘gold.’ He notes that one of their initial projects is the implementation of a PLM solution, marking a milestone for the group.

Snickers Workwear, as the largest brand within the group, will leverage Centric PLM across its operations to monitor the product journey from conception to completion. The PLM system will serve as a centralised repository for all data, including material and chemical analysis results, enabling compliance with intricate third-party safety gear regulations. Additionally, Snickers Workwear will harness Centric’s platform integrations to advance sustainable packaging objectives, enhance assortment analysis, streamline line management processes using the Textile Library, and introduce the Supplier Portal.

The long-term objective is to extend the deployment of Centric PLM across the entire Hultafors Group, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among the distinct brands within a collective online environment.


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