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Great Wall Chinese Restauran

t has opened in its new spot in the former Mandarin Kitchen Express at 3003 32nd Ave. S.

The restaurant previously operated in the South Plaza mall at 1617 S. University Drive.

Plans call for the mall to be razed

to make way for the BLOC housing and commercial development, now under construction on the west side of the 1600 Block of South University.

Owner Maggie Yuan told The Forum this fall she originally thought she’d be able to stay and move into the BLOC complex as one of its anchor commercial tenants, but she ultimately decided it would be too costly to fit up a new kitchen. She also would have had to close for a time before her new space was ready in the BLOC complex.

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant’s new location at 3003 32nd Ave S #1 on Oct. 24, 2023.

Chris Flynn / The Forum

Fargo to host national talent attraction event

RoleCall, a national talent attraction and economic development agency, has announced plans to host the second-annual

Talent Attraction Summit

June 9-12 in downtown Fargo.

The event will include in-person business gatherings, breakout sessions at the Jasper Hotel, as well as visits to some of Fargo’s most recognizable and popular attractions and cultural sites. A full roster of locations and sponsors will be announced in the coming months.



to attend the summit is now live, and RoleCall will hand-select leaders from multiple states to experience North Dakota’s largest city in the coming months. “Early bird” admission pricing ($550/person) is now available through Feb. 29. “Regular” admission pricing ($775/person) will be available March 1 through May 10. “Last-minute” admission pricing ($850/person) will be available May 11 through May 31.

“North Dakota is a true national leader and innovator in talent attraction, evidenced by the scale and success of the

‘Find the Good Life in North Dakota

’ campaign and the

Relocation Help Desk

,” said RoleCall co-founder and CEO

Winona Dimeo-Ediger

in a statement. “We are thrilled to be bringing economic development, civic, and community advocacy leaders from across the country to show off Fargo as a perfect microcosm of the state as a whole: vibrant, growing, and welcoming.”

Earlier this year, the company’s

inaugural summit in Flint, Michigan

brought together 60 economic development, civic, and community advocacy leaders from across the U.S., including several North Dakota communities.

Be More Colorful advances in Yass Prize contest

Be More Colorful,

the Fargo-based company behind the


career exploration platform, has been named a semifinalist for the 2023

Yass Prize,

an award that recognizes and rewards innovative approaches to education. Be More Colorful will receive a $200,000 grant, positioning the company to vie for the coveted $1 million Yass Prize next month.

“Being recognized among such transformative national players in the education field is a proud moment for us, our team, and everyone in our community who has supported us during the development of CareerViewXR,” said Katie Chaussee, co-owner and founder of Be More Colorful, via statement.

The CareerViewXR platform harnesses 360-degree technology, crafting interactive web-based tours and accompanying virtual reality videos that seamlessly transport job sites into classrooms. Its burgeoning library of field trips and job shadows offers students a window into the daily lives of professionals in authentic work settings. Through these experiences, learners gain insightful perspectives on various industries, aiding them in making informed career choices.

Be More Colorful plans to allocate any grant proceeds towards the development of an enhanced platform. If awarded the full $1 million, this upgrade would introduce an individual user subscription, complementing the existing group subscription model. Such a move not only mirrors the Yass Prize’s STOP principle of “Permissionless” but also paves the way for students and adult career explorers to delve into immersive field trips and job shadows, irrespective of affiliations with school districts or other entities.

Be More Colorful also has the opportunity to win a supplementary Parent’s Choice award of $100,000. If awarded, Be More Colorful has pledged to use the funds to seed a program that would provide virtual reality headsets to schools unable to afford them. All schools are eligible, but special consideration will be given to schools and homeschools not receiving federal, state or local funding to support their operations. This supplementary award of $100,000 will be given to the public’s favorite semifinalist as determined during an open voting period. This year’s voting period runs from October 10 through November 25, 2023. For more information or to vote, visit

Junkin’ Market Days Pop-Up planned Nov. 3-4

A Junkin’ Market Days Pop-Up Market will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 3, and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4, in the Butler Building at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds.

Junkin’ Market Days® is a curated market for small female-owned businesses. The markets feature unique products such as boutique clothes, jewelry, home decor, furniture, candles, gourmet foods, and more.

Learn more and find video b-roll for your use at


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