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If you’re still looking for that last-minute holiday gift, you’re not alone. Hundreds of San Diegans flooded the North Park area Friday looking for something extra special. 

“I work full time and I have a baby, and thank the Lord that my parents are taking her, so we can shop today,” said Tori Choi, who was looking for a few last-minute gifts.

Choi said she’s been so busy that she forgot to treat herself but found the perfect present at a small shop in North Park.

“I bought a beautiful monarch hair clip for myself and an evil eye hair clip for a dear friend of mine,” Choi said.

Choi and many others chose a different route while looking for that special something. Instead of fighting through the crowds at big box stores or busy malls, they’re taking their time and keeping it local. 

“I think there’s just something more personable about it and it’s not like the generic thing that everyone gets,” Choi said. 

Elexia De La Parra is no stranger to the small business world. Casa Palma Dulce is her third shop in the area, which opened right before Black Friday. 

“We try to go above and beyond in every other which way we can,” De La Parra said.

She said when the sun goes down is when you’ll see the biggest crowds. 

“It’s a little different than last year, but definitely you’re feeling it. Around four or five o’clock, you’re really feeling it as people are getting off work, then it’s just like busy busy,” De La Parra said. 

But don’t worry, she said finding that special gift for that special someone doesn’t have to be a pain.

“There’s so much to do and you can come here and spend the day shopping, having coffee, having a beer at one of the many breweries. There’s so much to do and it’s all so walkable,” De La Parra said.

So whether it’s tea and a matching mug or a brand new ornament to make your holiday decorations stand out, many San Diegans are choosing to keep it local.

“I think it’s very important to shop local,” Choi said. 

The Better Business Bureau said about 60% of shoppers wait until the last week to buy holiday gifts. 


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