Apple In Talks With Chinese Search Giant Baidu To Collaborate In Generative AI System: Report


Apple’s aspirations for AI in its upcoming iOS release are widely known. Speculation has been rife about potential collaborations to integrate generative AI into the iPhone. Recent reports suggest that Apple is exploring various avenues to secure top-notch AI models. News emerged this week indicating discussions between Apple and Google regarding the licensing of Google’s impressive Gemini AI for future iOS 18 functionalities. Additionally, Apple has engaged in talks with OpenAI regarding the integration of their widely acclaimed ChatGPT technology. However, the latest development reveals Apple’s interest in an AI partnership within China.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has been in talks with Baidu to leverage the Chinese tech giant’s AI models. This potential collaboration would enable Apple to offer AI capabilities to its Chinese customers while complying with local regulations mandating official approval for AI systems.

Unlike global heavyweights such as Google’s Gemini and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which are absent in China due to censorship, over 40 domestic AI models have received government approval. Among these is Baidu’s highly acclaimed ErnieBot.

Apple Looking Forward To Partnering & Conquering Gen-AI Industry?

Apple is exploring a diversified approach to AI integration, although no specific partnerships have been confirmed yet. Efforts are underway to finalise agreements before Apple’s annual developer conference in June, where the unveiling of an AI-enhanced iOS 18 is anticipated.

Speculation hints at a blended on-device and cloud-based AI model, with local iPhone processing handling certain tasks and more complex computations being outsourced to partner-driven remote servers leveraging technologies like Gemini, ChatGPT, or Ernie.

While Apple is said to be developing its own generative AI internally, the company is keen on expanding its capabilities through external collaborations. Having excelled in mobile chip and camera technology for years, Apple may be aiming to gain an advantage in the AI arena by strategically partnering with leading entities.


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