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Samsung Electronics is reportedly planning to bring an entry-level foldable smartphone that maintains premium camera features at a significantly lower price point. Expected to be priced under $800, this strategic move aims to make foldable technology accessible to a wider audience, while still providing the high-quality camera specs Samsung users have come to expect. The initiative is part of Samsung’s efforts to retain its market dominance amidst growing competition from Chinese brands.

Samsung to Launch Affordable Foldable Smartphone with High-End Camera

Key Highlights

  • Samsung announces an entry-level foldable phone with flagship camera specs for under $800.
  • The camera supply chain for Samsung’s affordable foldable phone to remain unchanged.
  • Samsung aims to combat Chinese competition with its budget-friendly foldable smartphone.

Samsung Electronics is set to introduce an entry-level foldable smartphone later this year, targeting consumers seeking affordability without compromising on camera quality. According to a report by Sisa Journal e, the tech giant plans to lower the specifications of the application processor, display, and battery in comparison to its flagship models, while maintaining high-quality camera specifications similar to its existing foldable devices.

Camera Specifications at a Glance

Despite the reductions in other specifications, Samsung’s forthcoming budget-friendly foldable phone will feature a dual camera module, aligning with the standards of its predecessors. Historically, Samsung’s foldable series has sported cameras with slightly lower specifications compared to its bar-type flagship models, mainly due to spatial constraints within the foldable design.

For instance, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung’s last year’s release, boasted a rear dual camera setup with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 12-megapixel dual-pixel camera. In contrast, the top-tier Fold 5 came equipped with a triple rear camera, including a 50 million pixels dual pixel lens, showcasing a marked difference from the Galaxy S series, which features a 200-megapixel camera.

Maintaining the Supply Chain

The supply chain for the camera module of the upcoming entry-level foldable model is expected to remain largely unchanged. Key partners such as Samsung Electro-Mechanics, MCNEX, Cammsys, and China’s Sunny Optical, which contributed to the Flip 5 and Fold 5 series, are set to continue their collaboration with Samsung for the 6th generation series slated for release this year.

An industry insider commented on the development, stating, “The camera specifications of the entry-level foldable phone model are expected to be almost similar to the existing model, and the supply chain will proceed without much change from the existing model.”

Competitive Pricing Strategy

The move to launch a more affordable foldable smartphone comes at a time when Samsung’s dominance in the foldable phone market faces challenges from Chinese manufacturers like Huawei. Market research firm Trend Force projects Samsung’s foldable phone market share to drop to 60.4% this year, a decline from the previous year’s 66.4%. Huawei, with its Mate X5 and Pocket 2 models, is poised to surpass Samsung in market share in the first and second quarters of 2024.

Roh Tae-moon, head of Samsung Electronics’ MX Business Division, emphasized the company’s efforts to secure cost competitiveness and the potential introduction of a low-end foldable phone model as part of their strategy to retain market leadership.

The anticipated price for Samsung’s entry-level foldable phone is estimated to be under $800 (approximately ₹66,424), significantly lower than the Fold 5’s $1,799 price tag. This pricing strategy is expected to bolster Samsung’s position in the market, providing an accessible option for consumers interested in foldable technology.

Looking Ahead

Samsung’s strategy to introduce an affordable foldable phone with premium camera features marks a significant step towards making foldable technology accessible to a broader audience. As the foldable phone market continues to evolve, Samsung’s move could potentially set a new benchmark for innovation and affordability in the segment.


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