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If you’re worried about being tracked with an AirTag, you should know that there are built-in safety features.

Criminals are using Apple AirTags to steal cars.

Thieves and criminals are reportedly using Apple AirTags to steal vehicles in Montreal, Canada. According to reports, Vermont Police officers have issued a warning after two residents found AirTags in their cars following trips to Montreal. One man, Ethan Yang, discovered an AirTag attached to his car’s grille after returning from visiting family in Montreal.

As per 9to5Mac, Yang was able to use his phone to make the ‌AirTag‌ beep and he was able to locate the device, which had been placed in the front grille of the vehicle. According to Ryan McLiverty, a cyber analyst at the Vermont Intelligence Center, there has been a recent surge in activity related to incidents where criminals in Montreal are using AirTags to track and steal cars, subsequently selling them overseas.

This trend, although not new, has seen a notable increase in occurrences. Additionally, there are concerns that these AirTags may also be employed to tag vehicles for the purpose of facilitating drug trafficking across the border, the report said.


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