How the public sector can boost efficiency and value through technology


Public sector organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver better buildings and services, all while budgets get tightened. This article explores the four ways Bluebeam software can streamline processes

These types of projects shape our built environment and made up a quarter of new construction projects in 2023 in the UK.

Here are four key ways software can help public sector organisations transform the way they build.

1. Improving productivity

With typically fewer resources to work with, maximising productivity is key for public sector projects.

Whether the task is to build, maintain, or retrofit a building, software can help improve efficiency at every stage – by reducing the chance of errors and rework, and automating labour-intensive tasks.

2. Driving standardisation

With Bluebeam, companies can create core workflows and templates to guide teams through projects. This means everything can be designed and delivered to the same standard, and with lower risk.

It also equips them for an industry-wide shift, with many infrastructure projects being done at scale through standardisation.

3. Delivering value for money

Local authorities are constantly under pressure to deliver value for the taxpayer. Using modern tools to boost efficiency and deliver strong ROI is essential for demonstrating that funds have been used to maximum effect for their communities.

Easy-to-use software is key for this – cutting down on costs in training and rollout.

4. Cutting carbon emissions

The UK government is committed to reaching net zero by 2050. It can’t do this without boosting speed, efficiency and accountability on a local level.

The right software not only streamlines project management, but increases transparency and traceability across the board. This makes it easier to assess progress on a country-wide scale.

Here’s what Alun Evans – Strategic Infrastructure Programme manager at Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council – had to say about going digital: “Bluebeam proved particularly helpful as the contractor was able to present timely information to the client in the decision-making process… it was of great assistance.”

Building in the public sector comes we a unique set of challenges and pressures. Fortunately, the right construction tech is here to make your job easier.

Get started with Bluebeam today.

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