IBM set to cut more jobs in these two divisions

In yet another layoff news of 2024, IBM has announced significant job cuts within its marketing and communications division. The decision comes as the company continues to shift its focus toward artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies.
According to a report by CNBC, Jonathan Adashek, IBM’s Chief Communications Officer, delivered the news to employees during a concise seven-minute meeting. Although specific numbers were not disclosed, it is clear that the reduction in staff size will be substantial.
The affected employees are part of the unit responsible for shaping IBM’s brand image, disseminating information, and engaging with stakeholders.
This move follows IBM’s commitment to upskilling its workforce in AI. In December, CEO Arvind Krishna emphasised the company’s dedication to equipping employees with the necessary skills to thrive in an AI-driven environment. The plan included replacing nearly 8,000 jobs with AI-powered solutions, signaling a strategic shift toward automation and efficiency.
In January 2024, IBM had revealed that it is laying off close to 4,000 employees.The tech industry as a whole has witnessed a wave of downsizing in recent months. IBM’s decision aligns with this trend, as approximately 204 tech companies have collectively cut nearly 50,000 jobs since the beginning of the year, according to the report. Notable players like Alphabet, Amazon, and Unity have also announced layoffs during this period.
This trend follows a rough 2023, with companies like Amazon and Meta shedding tens of thousands of employees. Experts cite a confluence of factors: a cooling economy, post-pandemic adjustments, and potential over-hiring during the tech boom.
The impact is widespread, leaving many skilled workers searching for new opportunities. While the tech sector remains a major job creator, the current climate underscores the need for adaptability and continuous skill development for tech professionals. Also, while some companies may be downsizing, others are still actively hiring in specific areas like cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

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