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HP anticipates a surge in sales from its gaming personal computers (PC) in India, projecting a growth to 20%-25% in the next few years from the current mid-high teen figures, Vineet Gehani, senior director of consumer sales at HP India told FE.

“So gaming is already about 15-16% contribution to market. For HP also it is a little higher than that. We see this to be at least 20% to 25% of the market in the following years as we go along,” Gehani said, adding that the company is witnessing higher sales in gaming PCs even in this fiscal year.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of HP Omen Transcend 14 series for gaming and content creation, which comes in-built with NVIDIA GPU (graphics processing unit), Intel Core Ultra processors and has AI-enhanced features.

Gehani said the gaming as a category has outstripped the overall PC growth in the last two to three years most significantly. He also pointed out that, even as the consumer demand was muted last year, the gaming segment still saw a growth.

“I would say gaming has been the fastest growing segment or sub-segment of the PC market from a consumer scenario and of late,” he said.

A news report citing sources had stated that the sale of HP gaming PCs in India has more than doubled to 285,000 over two years ending March 31, 2023 even though business remained almost flat in 2022-23.

Further, speaking on the health of the overall PC market in India, Gehani said, the company has grown market shares in the last three-four years, without revealing any numbers.

“PC penetration in the country stands at around 18%, while in western countries, it ranges from 70% to 80%. India still offers ample opportunity and demand for PCs,” he said.

Additionally, to encourage existing users to upgrade their products the company is using artificial intelligence as a “refresh perspective”.

“AI is a very big trend because everybody would want to now get into newer technology…That’s where I think a lot of the existing users will also want to upgrade their devices,” he said.

The company, at a global level, has already collaborated with silicon players such as Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and Microsoft enhance AI capabilities into its devices and is constantly looking for any other possible collaborations in the market.


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