FET And Safeen To Collaborate On Development Of


Forum Energy Technologies (FET), though its Subsea Technologies product line, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with an underwater inspections provider Safeen Survey and Subsea Services to collaborate on the development of electric thrusters for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

A signing ceremony took place at the Oceanology International trade event in London, UK as FET launched its updated 300Vdc and 600Vdc range of direct current thrusters.

As part of the MoU agreement with Safeen, the thrusters will be subject to extensive cycle testing to fully validate functionality, durability and integration capabilities with existing ROV systems. The trials are also expected to ensure smooth deployment and operation.

The collaboration will enhance the performance, efficiency, and reliability of the United Arab Emirates headquartered company’s underwater services capabilities. The thrusters will be tailored specifically to the requirements of Safeen’s submersibles, delivering an optimal solution to the challenging marine operations in which it operates.

The development of the thrusters will be overseen by experts from both FET and Safeen, driving collaboration through effective communication and coordination of project activities.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Safeen on this groundbreaking industry initiative. Our shared commitment to excellence is complementary to our ongoing innovation goals and will drive the advancement of electric thrusters, redefining industry standards to ensure safety and efficiency during offshore operations,” said Kevin Taylor, FET Vice President – KMS and Subsea Robotics.

“This MoU represents a significant step forward in advancing underwater technology. By combining our expertise in marine exploration with FET’s cutting-edge engineering capabilities, we aim to revolutionize ROV propulsion systems,” added Tareq Al Marzooqi, Safeen’s CEO.

Under the Sub-Atlantic brand, FET has been active in the thruster market for over 20 years. The recently launched 600Vdc ROV thruster option for all observation and light work class thrusters is equivalent to the well proven SA-300 hydraulic thruster.


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