Motus To Supply Platform Main Crane For Empire Wind 1


Norwegian crane specialist Motus Technology has secured a contract from Seatrium to deliver engineering, design, and construction of the platform main crane for Empire Wind 1 Offshore Substation (OSS).

The main platform crane from Motus will be delivered to Seatrium’s Singapore yard, before the offshore substation platform will be installed about 20 miles south of Long Island as part of Empire 1 offshore wind farm.

The delivery from Motus Technology consists of a self-contained electric-hydraulic offshore crane, developed to lift 5-tonnes at 30 meters and designed in accordance with the API 2C Eight Edition.

It will comply with U.S. statutory laws and regulations for inspection, installation, and operation in offshore U.S. Federal areas.

As the crane will be left unattended for long periods, special considerations are given to protect the crane components from the harsh offshore conditions and to reduce the required maintenance and start-up time for mobilizing/demobilizing on the platform. 

Following completion, the Empire Wind 1 OSS Platform will be operated by Equinor. The 810 MW offshore wind will power several hundred thousand homes in New York and is expected to be a significant contributor in supporting the U.S. energy transition goals for a low-carbon future.

“This contract award supports our strategy to increase our supply of high-end cranes to the renewable industry. Through its operations in the U.S., the Empire Wind platform will contribute to decarbonization offering non-fossil power from offshore wind. Empire Wind 1 is one of the most mature offshore wind projects on the east coast of the U.S., and we are excited to be part of this development,” said Kjell Hollen, CEO of Motus Technology.

To remind, The Empire 1 project was selected as a provisional winner in New York’s fourth offshore wind solicitation (NY4) on February 29, 2024.

In March, Equinor received an approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to connect the Empire Wind 1 offshore wind project directly into the New York City’s transmission system.


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