Men’s NCAA tournament 2024: How to watch tonight’s Elite Eight games

Tyrese Proctor and Duke will play NC State this Sunday in a March Madness Elite Eight game. (AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

The madness continues tonight with the Elite Eight games. After top-seeded teams dominated the first two rounds of the men’s NCAA tournament, the Sweet 16 round saw a clash of NCAA basketball’s biggest powerhouses, with the top eight overall seeds making the cut this year. The last round had several upsets, including Alabama’s 89-87 win over top-seeded North Carolina, and the continuation of NC State’s Cinderella run after their victory over No. 2 Marquette. How’s your bracket faring? Elite Eight games tip off tonight on TBS and TruTV (streaming live on Max). Are you ready to watch? Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch the Elite Eight games of March Madness, including the full schedule for the NCAA tournament, how to watch games for free and more.

How to watch the Elite Eight March Madness games:

Dates: Mar. 30-31

TV Channel: CBS, TBS, TruTV

Streaming: Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, Max

When do the Elite Eight games start?

The men’s NCAA tournament continues this weekend beginning Saturday, Mar. 30 with two games: UConn vs. Illinois and Alabama vs. Clemson.

NCAA tournament Elite Eight schedule:

Saturday, Mar. 30

Sunday, Mar. 31

March Madness channel:

Men’s Elite Eight games will air across a mix of CBS, TBS and TruTV.

Games for the men’s NCAA March Madness tournament will air live across a combination of CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV. In the past, that combo has been hard to come by with just one, two or even three streaming services. But this year watching March Madness should be whole lot less … maddening. Many people have access to CBS already free over the air. But if you don’t currently get live local channels like CBS on your TV, we recommend looking into an old school TV antenna, or signing up for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, which includes access to live CBS coverage.

For the other channels, HBO’s Max is currently still offering its sports add-on (B/R Sports) free for subscribers of any Max tier. So for $9.99/month $5.83/month thanks to a sale, you can catch live March Madness games airing on TNT, TBS and TruTV.

If you only want to add one subscription to your arsenal, some live TV streaming services offer all the channels you’ll need to keep up with March Madness, like Sling, DirecTV and YouTube TV.

How to watch March Madness without cable:


Max has been “the one to watch” for entertainment fans for quite some time, but now, it’s drawing sports fans in, too. For a limited time, Max subscribers can get the new B/R Sports add-on totally free. That includes live March Madness games on TBS, TNT, and truTV.

Right now, you can also save over 40% on Max when you pay for the entire year up front, cutting down the monthly price of $9.99 to $5.83/month.

$5.83/month at Max


For streaming March Madness, you’ll need the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME tier for $12. The subscription is ad-free and includes live access to your local CBS channel.

In addition to sporting events like March Madness, Premier League and Champions League games, Paramount+ offers a host of other hit shows, new and classic movies and live sporting events. Unlike a lot of other streaming services these days, Paramount+ still offers a one-week free trial — so new subscribers can sign up to watch Selection Sunday this weekend and check out the rest of the Paramount+ library totally free for seven days.

Try free at Paramount+

March Madness schedule 2024:

  • March 19-20: First Four games in Dayton, Ohio

  • March 21-22: First round games at various locations

  • March 23-24: Second round games at various locations

  • March 28-29: Sweet 16 games at various locations

  • March 30-31: Elite Eight games at various locations

  • April 6: Final Four games at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

  • April 8: NCAA Championship Game at Start Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

Which men’s team are left in March Madness?

Here is who made the cut after the Sweet 16 games in the men’s NCAA tournament:

More ways to watch March Madness 2024:

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