Main Asian Marriage History

A celebratory celebration of love and dedication is a history in Central Asia. Despite the 60 to 70 ages of Soviet/russian guideline, some customs have survived and even been revived by migratory folks who want to recognize their ancestors. The service consists of many stages, including multiplayer, meet of the in- laws and friendship of bride and groom, a exciting feast in the bride’s home and seeing off the bride.

The earliest step is the but- called “bride’s goodnight party”. The wife and her household hang a huge celebration where music are sung and all drinks koumiss. Therefore the bride is masked with a shroud and escorted to her novel father’s yurt in a parade. The ayatollah supervises the overall event.

The groom presents his tajik singles wife’s female relatives on the day of the wedding ( nikokh ), and the two families prepare for a lavish feast. The bridegroom moreover owes a sizable bride known as the jasau in some parts of the nation. It does consist of horses, animals, funds, embelleshment and attire.

For a ceremony referred to as” Kelin Salom” or” Salom Beru,” the bride wears a traditional dress and veil to the wedding reception. She therefore bows obediently to her elder friends and in-laws. She bids her farewells to her carefree early years of life with this marriage meeting.

His father-in-law had previously prepared a bed and put on twelve bowls of rice as an omen of fertility and longevity for the couple following the official wedding ceremony ( nikokh ) in the groom’s home. The children of the newly married couple then scramble for these grains, pistachios, oranges, and apples.

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