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Microsoft is going all-in with generative AI in Windows and you might have noticed its Copilot AI chatbot sneaking into your taskbar, the Edge browser, and a couple of other unlikely places. While it excels at coding, writing, and analysis, Copilot also has a playful side that makes it great for creative and imaginative prompts. Here are 10 fun ideas to try.

Challenge Copilot to mimic your unique writing voice by having it study a file of your tweets, emails, or other samples of your prose. Then ask it to “Write 3 tweets on [theme] in the style of [your file name].” It’s entertaining to see the AI capture your linguistic tics and tonality.

Seek critiques from influential figures

We all have opinions, but what would late visionary thinkers like Steve Jobs or Socrates say about them? Try this prompt: “I’ll provide an argument or opinion. Criticise it as if you were [celebrity name].” Copilot will take on their persona to poke holes in your stance.

Make absurd comparisons

Want to see Copilot’s creative capabilities put to the test? Ask it to “Justify why a parrot might make a good king of the jungle” or maybe “Can it be ever possible to walk on water?” Its ability to construct logical-sounding rationales for wildly improbable scenarios is impressive and hilarious.

Act a debater

Copilot can serve as an informative debate partner on hot topics. Use this prompt: “Act as a debater. Research both sides of [current issue], present valid arguments, refute opposing views, and draw persuasive conclusions based on evidence.” Its analysis may help you see the nuances you’d missed.

Interpret your dreams

If you’ve ever awoken puzzled by a bizarre dream, describe it to Copilot with this prompt: “Act as a dream interpreter. I’ll give dream descriptions and you’ll provide interpretations of symbols and themes, without personal assumptions.” The resulting insights could be profound… or totally off-base. Just don’t take them too seriously.

Study human nature

Want to view society through an alien lens? Try this thought-provoking prompt: “You’re an alien anthropologist studying human culture and customs. Analyse [aspect] from an outsider’s objective perspective.” Copilot’s detached hypotheses about our mundane practices can be eye-opening. Of course, you can also ask it to play the role of an artificial general intelligence (AGI) too for perhaps a more grounded perspective.

World’s worst punster

For some silly wordplay, engage Copilot’s sense of humor: “You’re an AI with a knack for puns and wordplay. When given a topic, generate a list of hilarious puns and plays on words related to it.” The results may elicit groans, but could also showcase the AI’s wit.

“Is it a good day to step out?”

Staying on top of local happenings can be tough. Pose this query: “Browse today’s local news for [your city] and decide if it’s a good day to go out, providing reasoning.” Copilot will quickly synthesise info on weather, events, and more into a recommendation.

Wallpaper generator

Copilot can also produce high-quality images for you that you can use as your wallpaper. You can use highly specific prompts you get what you want like: “Generate a surreal landscape with bright colors and dreamy vibe. Include a small human silhouette in the foreground with their back turned to the viewer.”

Meal planner

When you’re short on ingredients, let the AI get inventive with a prompt like: “I only have tomato and spinach. Show me 3 meals I can cook with these items.” Copilot will improvise flavorful, nutritious recipe ideas to help reduce food waste.

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