Liberal Arts, IST student scores sports technology internship with Miami Dolphins


LaRue — who also is working on certificates in information security systems and national security agency — worked with the Dolphins’ information technology department, where she conducted research about different software systems that could be integrated into the current systems of the stadium to increase efficiency and productivity.

“A lot of my research culminated in meeting with different software companies and conducting meetings with them to see what was best for the stadium,” LaRue said. “Some of my work also allowed me to work Rolling Loud Miami’s [an annual hip-hop festival hosted at Hard Rock Stadium] point and sell systems, where I helped troubleshoot the different concert venues’ technical difficulties.”

During her time as an intern, LaRue worked on a final group project with other departmental interns to create an event for the stadium’s new Paddock Club, a luxury experience for people interested in the Miami Grand Prix. Their teamwork and creative input resulted in a pitch for an e-sporting stadium event for next summer.

“Our group decided that having an event for gaming with preexisting sponsors of the Miami Dolphins would help bring people of all ages together, especially our younger audiences. The interaction among fans is what brings Miami fans closer,” LaRue said.

LaRue said her sociology courses helped her work well with the other interns.

“Especially in terms of listening to their likes and investigating why they liked certain aspects of an event over others, my sociology degree has helped bridge the communication gap between all the interns so that we could reach a win-win pitch,” she said.

After her internship at Hard Rock Stadium, LaRue applied for a position with Penn State football this semester. She landed a recruitment internship, where she now welcomes athletic recruits, gives on-field assistance, and creates communication charts for game days.  

“During my summer internship, I learned a lot about time management, networking and how to manage my manager … how to learn more from the opportunities presented to me in my position,” LaRue said. “I hope to expand and reflect on these lessons and apply them to my work with Penn State football, especially capitalizing on other people’s experiences of football for the interests of the team and fanbase.”

LaRue is applying for full-time positions in the sports technology field.

“My sociology degree, especially approaching graduation, is helping me use my business side and be open-minded when it comes to the world and possibilities of a job offer,” she said.


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