Gillette Venus Radiant Skin Moisturizing Women’s Razor For Dry And Sensitive Skin With Olay Moisturizer Dispenser, 1 Serum, And 1 Razor Blade Refill

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Meet Venus Radiant Skin, the world’s first moisturizer-dispensing razor with Olay moisturizing serum. It’s the perfect combination of a clean shave with the professional blades of Venus, and the instant hydration of Olay. Dermatologists recommend moisturizing your skin while it’s still damp to help lock in moisture, and Venus Radiant Skin is a perfect solution for that. With a simple push of a button, you can release the preferred amount of moisturizer to care for your skin with every stroke of your razor. Venus Radiant Skin is optimal for dry and sensitive skin, as it creates a protective layer on your skin to break the cycle of dryness. Enjoy a silky, soft shave, and healthy-looking post-shave skin that feels truly hydrated. Simply click the blades and the serum into the handle, and press the button to release the preferred amount of moisturizer. Then shave as usual, and give your skin a quick rinse at the end. The dual moisturizer ports on the cartridge are self-clearing. And the best part? No batteries needed! Venus Radiant Skin blade refills are designed to only fit Venus Radiant Skin razor handles. This pack contains 1 Venus razor handle, 1 razor blade refill, 1 Olay moisturizing serum that lasts a whole month*. Shave like you skincare. *based on shaving twice per week, using 15 presses of serum per shave
Featuring the best Venus cartridge with 5 Nuluxe blades, and a revolutionary solution: Dual, self-clearing ports on the cartridge let moisturizer through for a truly smooth shaving
With Olay moisturizer for soft and silky post-shave skin: hydrate your skin while shaving, and enjoy the floral scent and the touch of seaborn minerals from an easily replaceable bottle that lasts a whole month
Just press the button, release the amount of Olay moisturizer you need for every stroke, and finish with a quick rinse. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED
Luxurious WATERPROOF handle that fits your hand perfectly, and a revolutionary moisturizer-dispensing button to take pampering to the next level. Shave like you skin care – treat your dry and sensitive skin with the hydration it needs, and get a close shave without having to deal with dry skin afterwards.
How To Use : Click in your blades and moisturizer. Press the button to release the moisturizer. Shave and press the button again every few strokes. Rinse and enjoy exfoliated, smooth and moisturized skin.


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