Editors Guild Reaches Tentative Agreement



The second-largest West Coast Local of Hollywood’s major crew union has reached a tentative agreement on its craft-specific issues with studios and streamers.


The Motion Picture Editors Guild (IATSE Local 700) confirmed the news on Instagram on Sunday. “Our Local 700 Negotiations took place over the course of several days and what we achieved is unanimously supported by our Negotiation Committee,” the Local stated. “Thank you so much to our members, negotiating committee, and those that stood by us in solidarity.”

The agreement was reached late on Friday after five days total of negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents management in labor talks. Details of the agreement covering the guild’s more than 9,000 active members were not immediately available; previously, IATSE Locals have communicated to members that they will share more about the terms of these deals when memorandums of agreement are drawn up.

The Motion Picture Editors Guild is the eighth IATSE West Coast Local to strike a craft-specific provisional agreement with the AMPTP in 2024. Previously, The International Cinematographers Guild (Local 600), the Art Directors Guild (Local 800), the motion picture set painters and sign writers union Local 729, production sound crew union Local 695, grips and craft services union Local 80, make-up artists and hair stylists union Local 706 and script supervisor and art department coordinator union Local 871 reached deals with the AMPTP.

Next up are IATSE Locals 44, 705 and 884, which are scheduled to begin bargaining during the week of April 15 to 19, following a week of the two sides meeting amongst themselves between April 8 to 12. The general negotiations covering IATSE’s 13 West Coast Locals, where top issues including wages, working conditions and AI will be discussed, is set to pick up again on April 29.


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