Amazon trims Alexa division to focus on generative AI

Amazon’s recent announcement confirmed a workforce reduction within its Alexa division, signalling a pivotal shift in the company’s strategic focus. While the exact number of positions affected remains undisclosed, it was clarified that “several hundred” roles would be impacted. Employees based in the U.S. and Canada have already been notified of the impending changes on Friday 17th November, with plans to extend notifications to staff in India in the coming week. The specific roles within Amazon’s devices business affected by these cuts and the exact initiatives within the Alexa domain impacted were not detailed.

The rationale behind these layoffs was explained by an Amazon spokesperson, who stated that the company aims to realign its efforts in accordance with its business priorities and customer needs. This realignment involves channelling resources and efforts more robustly into generative AI, a focus intended to enhance customer experience and innovation. Consequently, certain projects and initiatives are being discontinued, resulting in the elimination of roles within the Alexa unit. Amazon expressed gratitude for the contributions made by the affected employees and assured support for their transition to new opportunities.

Highlighting the scope of impact, Amazon emphasized that the number of individuals affected represents only a fraction of the total workforce engaged in the Amazon Devices business. Despite the difficult decision to reduce roles, the company underlined its commitment to the future trajectory of Alexa, affirming continued investment and innovation to realize their vision for the product.

This downsizing announcement comes on the heels of previous layoffs that Amazon executed throughout 2022. In January, plans were revealed to eliminate approximately 18,000 roles, predominantly from the stores, people, experience, and technology divisions. Subsequently, in March, an additional 9,000 roles were confirmed for removal, totaling around 27,000 positions across various sectors. Additionally, Amazon recently disclosed a reduction of about 180 roles within its Amazon Games unit, which is responsible for both game development and publishing externally developed titles.

The decision to reduce roles within the Alexa division aligns with Amazon’s ongoing efforts to restructure and optimize its operations while concurrently advancing innovation across its diverse business segments.

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